November 2013

Mr_Toaster111 (Mike) first started McAmusement with the hopes to having a created and complete replication of Cedar Point on McAmusement. Mike was joined along Sacul37 (Imagineer Technician) who was hired to help guest at the time, while Mike built the rest of Cedar Point. The Cedar Point project then began its downfall due to the lack of tools (plugins) McAmusement had to help complete its replication. January 2014

January 2014

Mike started a Walt Disney World project along with other builders and Sacul37, on December 2013. While trying to recreate the Magic Kingdom firework show HalloWishes, Mike had a memorable experience on his last visit to Magic Kingdom the he wanted to create. It was of a last firework of the show being blinding. Due to the limitations on Minecraft, it was impossible to do that. Mike then strived to create his now called “Blind all” plugin. January 2014

July 2014

After creating the Blind all plugin, Mike then wanted to continue on coding to see what he was capable of doing. He then created a milestone to his career in the Minecraft Theme Park community by creating a tool called, the Watershow plugin, featuring the show Symphony of Water. August 2014 Googleyouryahoo (Aaron) starts a Minecraft replication of Disneyland server along with Instagramma (Gabe) called, WishingStarMC.

September 2014

Mike and Aaron began a partnership between the two servers and started a collaboration on the Disneyland Project. Present


With over 15 Cast Members on McAmusement, they’ve dedicated hundreds of hours on the recreation of Disneyland on McAmusement. Despite some losses and downfalls along the way, McAmusement still continued to move forward to create the most accurate replications of shows, rides, and buildings. McAmusement is known for their unique plugins created and coded by McAmusement and its Staff.